Friday, June 3, 2016

Do You Know Any Good Black Jokes?

 When I was growing up, my family and I would stay up late to watch Comic View on BET every week. It was one of the highlights of the week as they had some very good comedians on the show (there were some that were vulgar and my mom would mute the TV or just turn it off). The jokes that were told by comedians were mostly about things that they experienced in childhood, from being married, from being in reationships or from the workplace. Unfortunately, their was ALWAYS a comedian or two or three that made "black jokes" and these comedians were Black/Coons and there were some white comedians like, Gary Owens. If you don't know what "black jokes or nigger jokes" are by defintion, the picture above gives you a visual of a subtle example of this racist rehetoric, by definition it is a joke that plays on the racist stereotypes of African Americans / Blacks tha are told by white people (even some black/coons) as a form of entertainment. I recently found that if you Google "black jokes", there are numerous sites devoted to "black / nigger joke", like This site and others are not surprising to me, as I expect the creators of this site are racist white people, that either look like the white trash in the picture above or look like the white guy who did your taxes (who sits at his personal computer and expresses his Neo-nazi beliefs, but as he is helping you to do your taxes calls you "sir" and "ma'am").  It is not surprising that black coon comedians and other black coons laugh and tell such jokes to fit in with whites, but it is irritating to see them laugh at "black/nigger jokes".

Watch Black Coons Cackle at White comedians , Gary Owens as he tells black Jokes ( Yes, I know this comedians wife is Black, that doesn't make it right...that makes it worse)

Gary on a white late night talk show (he starts out talking about his life as a white man and then ends it with black/nigger jokes abut "The Color Purple")

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