Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Give Them More of You: How to Build Business Relationships on Social Networks

  As small business entreprenuers people won't buy our products and / or services until they have bought us.  So, don't be afarid to give those who are friends and / or followers on social networks an opportunity to see who you are. Give them more of you and they will give you their business.  Here are five tips on how to give them more of you.

1. Try uploading a funny, interesting, creative or weird video that reflects your personality and / or interest. Be sure to give these videos as second thought if someone may view them as offensive.

2. Try expressing an opinion about an issue or current event.

3. Try commenting on friends and / or followers post.  On Facebook sharing and on Twitter retweeting (RT) are great ways to interact with friends and / or followers.

4. Try creating a personal banner that has your picture on it and company logo @ pixlr.com, this service is FREE.  This will not only promote your business but give friends and / or followers a face to put with the company.

5. Try chatting, IM'ing, @Mentioning your friends and / or followers about general topics to build a relationship.  This is a useful method because it helps you stay away from sending information into someone inbox and be accused of spamming.

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