Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello everyone, welcome to Uniquic Networking Online U.N.O. Blog. This blog will be a helpful tool to small business owners and also a means to inform everyone. We hope that you find the information that we give you to be helpful and welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have on a topic.

The old saying is "location, location, location" and location is very important but if you don't tell anyone that your business is at "that" location no one will ever know. That is where "exposure" comes into play. The definition of the word "expsoure" by Webster Dictionary is " the condition of being presented to view or made known" and that is what we MUST do as small business owners; present our businesses and/or make them known.

As an online small business owners many people may come to your site, but statistics show that it takes a thousand people to visit your site  before you will begin to see sales and you only get fifteen sales for every 1,000th person. Those are small numbers but they don't have to be...we will talk more about this statistic, sales and selling on social networking sites in our next blog entitled "WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU ABOUT SALES AND SOCIAL NETWORKS".

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