Saturday, October 30, 2010

7 Tips to a Great Profile Picture: "Your Brand"

What  is the first thing that people know about you before they know anything else (in most cases)? They know your face, the face is the first thing that people will see because when they meet you they look at your face. Some of us have a brand logo image, while the rest of us use our own image as our brand logo. So, it is important that you make a great first impression (not just good) because as the saying goes "first impressions are lasting impressions". Here are seven tips to having a great "profile picture"

1. Lighting is everything! Lighting is key! Did I mention that it is important because if I didn't it is VERY important. The right lighting can take you from "the Elephant Man" to Halle Berry (OK, I am joking but it is true).

2. What Not to Wear: If your skin tone is light, don't wear shades of "white". If it is medium stick with colors that don't contrast but compliment. If your skin tone is deep then don't wear shades of "black". Don't wear provocative clothing  or clothing that is too big. What to Wear: Wear professional attire, conservative clothing as if you are going on an interview. Casual professional attire, it shouldn't be something that "you just threw on", that you would wear to work-out, sleep-in and / or do "housework in". Also pick fashion jewelry that compliments your wardrobe.

3. Hair & Make-up: I won't say go get your hair and make-up professional done just for a profile picture but if you would like to then do so (this is "your brand", which means your money depends on your image). If you don't get it professional done then be sure to comb it, brush it, twist it, curl it, braid it, cut it...DO YOUR HAIR! As far as make-up, this is a secret I learned surprisingly from Tyra Banks "America's Next Top Model" apply twice as much make-up than usual. The reason being that the camera will allows de-emphasize your features so to appear to be wearing a natural amount you need more, trust me.

4. Poses: Please no "club" poses. You should pretend that your customer is looking at you and think about how you would want to present yourself in front of them.

5. Spouses, Children, Pets: Please do not put anyone from this category in your profile picture, as I stated before this is the first impression for your potential customers. They should see you in a professional light. If you want have pictures of your spouse, children and / or pets then that's fine create a separate online album for them. "Don't mix business with pleasure".

6. Cameras: Invest in a quality camera and / or web cam to take your picture. The quality of the camera will determine the overall outcome of your picture.

7. Crop, crop, crop: If you find that once you have taken your picture that there are objects in the background or somehow your child or spouse find their way into your picture (ie. bunny ears behind your head), then crop the photo to your best image.

(Horrible Profile Picture)

                                                              ( Great Profile Picture)
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  1. Good tips...funnily enough, I liked both...ehehheee.
    I say what works for some doesn't work for others. Sometimes a pet or a child can be a cute addition (it all depends on the market for the blog). What do you say to that?

  2. Thanks for your comment, my daughter / business partner appreciate the compliment on her pictures. And yes your profile pic should be reflective of your market or audience base. But this is a good basic method for your profile picture. Sorry for the delay in our comment.