Friday, December 3, 2010

Part 2: A Better Way to Turning a Hobby into a Business

Finding a domain and a website

Once you have the products and or service that you want to sell and promote you need to think of a domain name. This is a domain name is a name (such as "") of a service, Web site, or computer, and so on in a hierarchical system of delegated authority- the Domain Name System. ... Why would you choose a domain name first instead of a website? When you find the website format that you like you sill need to enter a domain name for your website to be get registered

To find out what domain name you can use you will have to go to a domain register site. You can google the domain name that you want at the domain register sites or you can try Yahoo, Google, Whois. They will look to see if you can use the domain name that you want it takes a few minutes to find out if you can use the name you put in. If you can’t use the name then keep trying sometimes you can be creative. We used our name
Uniquic since Unique was taken but our name still sounds the same just spelled different.

Once you get and buy the name you want then no one else can use that name because it goes into a large data base with all domain registrants so they know all names used. Also when considering a domain name try to keep it simple, that way people will be able to remember your name and get one where if your company grows the name will still be suitable. We used Uniquic so when we expand with our products they will still be unique and we can put a wide range of products on our site.

Finding a website

To find a website you can google it by putting in hosting websites or free websites some hosting sites are free and some charge. With free websites some are free for only a short period of time. And others are free for a unlimited amount of time. It’s up to you if you want a free site or a site that you pay for. Just make sure that they have 24 hour support in case you have problems with you site. and check to see that the site doesn’t go down to often.

If you decided to pay for your site and they have a trial period check out and see if they really have support 24 hours call on a saturday or sunday to see if you get help. If you don’t then you can cancel during your trial period. With websites some offer templates where you can design your website which makes it easy. If you want to design your own then getting a hosted website would be a great idea for you.

With hosting sites you can use an authoring tools there are some like Adobe Dream Weaver the cost is $399.00, Microsoft Expression cost $299.00. You can use Sea Monkey or Mozzilla Firefox these two are free. I personally have tried Sea Monkey and let’s just say template sites are my niche’. But if you like designing your
own website than a hosted site would be good for you. Now you have your domain name and website you are ready to start designing your website! Next will be part 3 how to design your website that drives traffic to your site.


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