Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Design A Website that brings Traffic

Developing a branded logo                   
From: WebMarketing All-In-One for Dummies

Perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of doing business in general-let alone online-is the importance of having a meaningful logo.  Many Internet marketing gurus will tell you not to waste you time or money producing a logo.  But, If you are promoting a real company on the Web, a good logo is a vital ingredient:  It helps you communicate a lot about your business to a Website visitor in a fraction of a second.  When people see your logo (or lack of one), they can immediately rate various elements of your business in their minds, this act of evaluation might even occur in their subconscious.  Some of these include your

*Level of professionalism
*Ability to create or innovate
*Enthusiasm for you product
*Level of traditionalism
*Attention to detail

Visitors will associate words to your business based on the appearance of your logo, such as funny, silly, exciting, desperate, growing, content, or curious.  So, be careful what you ask your designer to create for you.  When it comes to your website, it's more important than ever to at least have a logo to identify your business, if not a logo for each of your products too!  The following list invites you to take a look at some good logos that are memorable but also define the business and even the personality of the business.

* Accidental Lawyer logo features a somewhat common approach to a law firm logo in that it has the roman pillar theme in the background.  What's not so common is the linking between that traditional image and the The Accidental Lawyer name with the hat on top of the letter A. This tells me, maybe only on a subconscious level, that this is a law firm that links tradition with business sense and just the right amount of personality and charisma.

* I chose to feature this logo because I didn't know that the company did until I saw their logo.  Now I understand that they offer the high-rise equipment you see window washers standing on, among other things.  So, a logo alone can sometimes bring it all together to tell a visitor what your business does.

* the other end of the spectrum, there is Monkey Bizness, with the tag line "where kids monkey around."  Everything about this logo is playful and not too serious, from the font type used to the coloring and the slight animation of the monkey jumping up and down.

The point of mentioning these three logos is that each paints a memorable picture in your mind.  And, that's what branding is all about creating something that remains in people's minds for days, weeks, or months to come.

Professional designers are you best resource for creating a logo that matches how you want your business to be perceived.  Keep in mind that logos take time to conceptualize and create.  So, be prepared that by the time you approve a logo, you might see several iterations, costing several hundreds of dollars.  The best scenario from a time standpoint is when your Website designer is also the creator of your logo.  That way you don't have to worry about the logo designer getting the right formats to your Web designers and waiting for the communication to take place.  But, many Web designers do not work with logos and require a logo to be submitted before beginning work on your Web site.  In that case, here are two low-cost methods for getting a logo created

One shortcut to logo production is to hold a contest between many designers.  At 99designs (online), you can post your logo design request for a little as $39, plus whatever you're willing to pay to winner.  Usually, you need to offer enough-say $100 or so-to give incentive for designers to jump on your projects.  but, it's often just as professional a result (and faster) than using a traditional designer for logo creation. Here's how it works:

1. Visit
2. Start a free account.
3. Click Launch a Contest and describe the project
4. Post your "brief" and set a price amount $39 is required to post your contest
5. Respond to designers as they post their logo concepts and ask for refinements
Within a few days, you'll have several logos to choose from produced by different graphics experts
6.Choose the winner
The payment in the form of credits is sent to the designer, and the designer then sends the completed logo files o you by e-mail.


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