Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Ways to Get Your Business Organized for 2011


  With 2011 soon approaching, we as small business owners are thinking of new ideas, concepts and plans that we want to make but before all that we need to get organized.  Getting organized is key to accomplishing your new ideas, concepts and plans in the new year.  Here are some tips that will help you to schedule your time for effectively and efficiently so that you aren't wasting your time and not accomplishing much.

1. Get iGoogle (or an application that is similar): is a web portal that puts almost everything into a single location so that they can easily access it without having to leave or browse another site. (

2. Get an online calender: Online email providers like Google and Yahoo offer free online calenders when you sign-up to their free email services. Some of the features include:
     a. Sharing you calender with co-workers to communicate.
     b. Accessing your calender from your mobile and/ or laptop.
     c. Receiving mobile SMS notifications of the schedule events

3. Get a "toolbar": Many search engines have "toolbars", these are downloadable toolbars that allows a user to do a Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. search without having to visit the site itself.

4. Use your mobile (SMS notifications): SMS' are short messages between fixed lines or mobile phone devices, it's used by 2.4 billion or 74% of mobile phone subscribers. Get SMS notifications to stay connected on what is going on, on most social networks and email notifications.

* It is an especially helpful tool when you don't have internet on your mobile.

5. Use your "favorites": On your internet toolbar is a "favorites" button. It can be a useful tool when properly organized properly to fit your needs when working online.

6. Don't just save contacts: In your mobile, save them in your email accounts as well.  Email's can be just as difficult to remember as phone numbers.

7. There is a reason that social networks have a "Forgot Username and /or forgot password link": They know that more than likely your are on many social networks including possibly having your own.  So to stop racking your brain trying to remember them all including email accounts; create a reference to hold all; your account user names and /or emails and passwords.

8. Get rid of trash: No unwanted solicitations that may flood your email accounts.  If you don't read them then unscubscribe to free up your email for business content.

9. Sync your social network accounts: When you post to one account it will send out the same posts to all others.

10. Always be on the look out for new features that Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, Bing and others are offering to make you business is more effective and efficient through organization.

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