Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Tips on How to Make the Most of your Time without Wasting your Time

1. Get enough rest,   eight hours is needed so that your body can handle the day.

2. Use a calendar to plan your day ahead of time.  Here is a couple google and Cozi

3. Synchronize your calendar to your email and your mobile phone to send you alerts to remind you of your "to do list".

4.Put clients number in your mobile phone and put a "C" or "client" beside their name so that you will grab that important call.

5. Make symbols to prioritize your calendar for  those things that have the highest importance.

6. Keep these acronyms to stay focused. P-postpone E-eliminate R-reduce K-keep when you are planning your calendar.

7. Block off time for family, family is always important.

8.If you want your status updates and/ or blog posts to be sent out quickly to your social networks try,, they can be sent from your mobile and/or from the web.

9. If you are out and something comes across your mind as a "to do item" use your mobile phone to record it.

10.Forward your office phone to your mobile phone catch your office calls.

From: U.N.O. Uniquic Networking Online "Your Business is Our Business".

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