Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Dressed for the Party: Learn how to effectively communicate in your business

Have you ever worn the wrong thing to a party...shown up in cut-off shorts to a business casual party or decided to make a "fashion statement" to a black-tie formal red carpet affair. The cut-off shorts maybe comfortable but are inappropriate at a business casual party and there is a time and place to make "fashion statement" but are you communicating the right message to others.

"Business messages have 'clothes' too, and the clothing has to suit the occasion or the message is ineffective."  There are three forms of communication: oral, written and non-verbal. As small business owners online we communicate with our clients orally and/or in written form, but how do we know if we are communicating effectively to our clients. Here is a quick guide to determine whether you should communicate orally or in written form:


You want immediate feedback from the audience.

Your message is relatively simple and easy to accept.

You need a permanent record.

You can assemble the audience conveniently and economically.

You want encourage interaction to solve a problem or reach a decision.


You do not need immediate feedback.

You have a detailed and complex message that requires careful planning.

You need a permanent, verifiable record.

You are trying to reach an audience that is large and geo-graphically dispersed.

You want to minimize the chances for distortion that occur when a message is passed orally from person to person.

From: " Business Communication Today" by Courtland L. Bovee & John V. Thill

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