Monday, March 7, 2011

A March for Women Entreprenuers

March is the month for women so, we are spotlighting women entreprenuers.

Comparison Between Self-Employed Women and Wage-Earning Women
Are There More Advantages For Women Who Own Their Own Businesses?

By Lahle Wolfe, Guide

Are There More Advantages For Women Who Own Their Own Businesses?
In April 2008, the Small Business Administration (SBA) published a summary of an analysis about business women derived from the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement.
There were many interesting findings reported about self-employed women in business, especially when compared to wage- and salary-earning women. But perhaps one of the most unsurprising (to me) observations was offered in the following SBA statement: “Contrary to expectations, neither wage and salary-earning nor self-employed women significantly shifted industry participation over this portion of the study period.”

I am perplexed why the authors of the study would consider this “contrary to expectations,” as this should not surprise anyone familiar with the challenges of women in the workforce who have significantly greater industry-limited opportunities when compared to men. Or, that it should strike anyone as unusual given the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of women breaking barriers in the privately-held business world. In fact, the study’s summary goes on to support my own thoughts:

“However, wage and salary-earning women were somewhat more likely than self-employed women to be in industries with the greatest degree of female ownership (primarily social services and education services). Self-employed women were more likely to be in industries with a medium presence of female ownership. This suggests, according to the authors, that self-employed women were branching out of industries traditionally associated with women.”

Even prior to this study, as early as 2002 it was statistically measurable that despite gender barriers women in business are slowly branching out into male-dominated industries, and doing so with success, even if not yet in mass proportions.

Women Entreprenuers

Iman Abdulmajid
                                          Company: Iman Cosmetics
                                           Position: Founder and CEO
                                         Industry: Personal Care Products

Leigh Magar
A 21st-century hatmaker marries old-world techniques with fashion-forward vision.

Yolanda Owens
Losing her job led to a major career switch — and a truly fresh line of beauty products.

Tasia Malakasis
This former marketing exec followed her foodie dreams back home to run her own goat-cheese creamery.

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  1. A really big salute all women entrepreneurs all over the world.

  2. Yes, it is and we wanted to salute all women. Thanks!