Friday, May 13, 2016

Angry Black Women Where Are You?

How long have we as, African American women been stereotyped as angry, when we were expressing our opinion on a subject / issue / concern? When other women vocalize their opinions they are seen as "strong", "independent" "free-thinking", "intelligent" etc. Some Black women have allowed this racist stereotype to muzzle their mouths, even when we are asked about our opinions (these women are "coons", if you don't know what a "coon" is Google it). The video that is displayed about is a recent and prime example of this "muzzling", in the video a CBS contributor or journalist has gathered 18 women to get their opinion of the three presidential candidates and out of the 18 only 2 are African American. During most of ths video the two Black women do not speak and when they do speak their demeanor is submissive and their words are few. We, as African American women shoud never feel ahamed to express our opinion in fear of being called an " Angry Black Woman", as we are human beings that are and have been oppressed, that are and have been the victims of racial and sexual injustice...we must let our voices be heard especially when we have been given a platform to do so, like these two Black women were given. We must embrace being an angry black woman because somethings are worth being angry about in this world.

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