Friday, May 6, 2016

To Swirl or Not To Swirl That Is The Question...

First, we want to say that we believe that all mankind was equally created by GOD and that we don't endorse an African American women dating African American men who disrespect them or dating white (or any other color of men) that disrespect them. Second, we find it odd that when African American men date and/or marry white (or other colors of women) NO ONE "bats an eye" within the African American community except some African American women who feel disrespected by those men but when African American women (some of which) have dated and/or married, then later divorced African American, decide to date and/or marry white (or other colors of men) they are BASHED. Finally, we find it again odd that at the end of this discussion somehow the African American woman is the MOST disrespected, rejected, criticized and ostracized person without a lot of understanding from African American men as to how she came to the crossroads of " to swirl or not to swirl that is the question."

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